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5 Ways to Stay Grounded during the Holidays

The holidays are a time of cheer, joy and time spent with family. However it can also be a time of stress and anxiety when family comes to visit, gifts need to be bought, and dinners need to be made. The holidays can sometimes put undue pressure on us to deliver on material gifts because we believe that is how we show we truly care about family and friends, but there are other ways to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us.

Reach Out

It's so easy during the holidays to want to stay indoors, away from the shopping malls and craziness of the season but one of the best things to do this holiday season is to spend your time with others. Taking a class with a friend at Heron Creek Yoga, making plans to have coffee or dinner or just sending a card shows your loved ones that you are thinking about them and are invested in their wellbeing and happiness.

Spend Your Time with Loved Ones

One of the most precious gifts anyone has is the amount of time they spend in this world, and spending quality time together is so much more important than any tangible gift you buy. Make plans with friends and family, and they will appreciate you being there for them.

Be Present

With technology like cell phones and commitments like work that just can't wait you may be physically present at events, but you might not actually be present in the moment. Christmas recitals at your children's schools, family photos, or dinners will only happen once, and those memories should not be replaced by work e-mails and Facebook memes that really can wait. By being present in the moment and shutting off the technology, you will more than likely come out of this holiday season feeling so much better and less stressed than you did last year.

Find (and express) Gratitude

When you are surrounded by loved ones during this holiday season there is plenty to be grateful for, but that is sometimes hard to remember when material demands seem to be more important. Small things like waking up and making breakfast on weekends, or baking cookies with your children and grandma are times where gratitude is very important. There are many people without friends and family this time of year, and regardless of material things having people who truly love and care for you are gifts that cannot be compared.

Value Yourself (and your time)

As mentioned, you only have so much time to spend, and if you spread yourself too thinly, you might find yourself upset or lacking on time invested in yourself. Time to yourself is one of the most important investments you can make. Make sure you take the time to do things you truly enjoy this holiday season: take a walk in the park, go ice skating, walk the dog down a street known for holiday lights, go to a yoga class. Whatever makes you feel the most like you will make a big difference when these holiday commitments start rolling.

The holidays are a hard time for so many people – regardless of the commitments you have during this time of year. Tangible gifts are nice, and it's always really great to get the latest gadget or the new clothes you want but the time you spend with friends and family will be great memories you can look back on long after your new TV has worn out.