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29 Day Challenge-Before and After

So many of our 25 participants in the 29 Day February Stick to the Plan #STTP Challenge have shared little anecdotes with me about how this month-long porcess is changing their lives for the better.  One student in particular finally got closure and came to terms with a very difficult chapter in her life through doing her random act of kindness.  As a whole the group seems to agree that the challenge is a worthwhile project and several people have asked me if we are going to do another one soon.  

For me, the hardest parts are getting outside and giving up dairy.  I went back to dairy, because I really like it and it doesn't give me any problems.  Getting outside is tough until I actually get there.  The boots, the gear, just not loving the cold. Then it is wonderful, despite the cold.  In a way it is too bad I live in the country, because I can just let my dog out.  If I lived in town, I would be forced to walk him and probably be better for it!  But I have learned how people can easily talk themselves out of getting exercise, because there are so many other things that I really need to get done--at work, for the kids, around the house, etc.  Even dropping off the stuff to the Salvation Army for our donation to the Syrian Families although wonderful is another chore to set aside time for and check off my llst. (I Googled Salvation Army last night and drove to 34 Hatt St in Dundas, and there was NO Salvation Army there.  What's up with that?) 

It is also very hard for me to stick to plans--any plan.  I like to go with the flow and do what I feel like when I feel like it.  So maybe it was good for me to push myself to conform to a plan.