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Heron Creek Fitness- So Much to Love

New Expresso state of the art virtual ride
choose from dozens of different virtual paths, from flats to mountain climbs and lots in between
play games
ride against yourself
ride against others in our gym
ride against every other expresso rider world wide
earn points and prizes (and bragging rights!)
New Life Fitness indoor cycles (spin bikes)
The old spin bikes were noisy, hard to adjust, and you never really knew how hard you were working from one week to the next.
Life Fitness changed all that with its amazing new monitoring system
You can see your RPM (revolutions per minute)
heart rate
time, distance travelled and calories burned
You'll be able to see amd measure the improvement in your heart, lungs and legs!
Cybex Circuit
In a hurry?
Got an injury?
Want a full body workout that maintains your fitness level without too much thinking?
Want to increase your strength and health but don't like dumbbells or classes?
Then our Cybex circuit is for you.  The human body has not changed and the good ol' circuit is a safe, fast, effective way to get a great workout.  Whether you are young or old, new or seasoned exerciser, you can trust that using these reliable machines will make you more fit.
New Water Rowers
Utilize 84% of your muscles and burn mega calories with almost no impact!  The harder you work, the harder it works.  Upper body, lower body, core-DONE!
Cardio equipment
Which piece of cardio equipment is the best?  The one you will USE!
Whether you choose The Wave, Ellipticals, Treadmills, Step mills or Recumbent bikes
Hammer Strength Equipment and Free Weights
There are thousands of exercises you can do with these versatile tools.  You can shape and strengthen your body for any sport, get toned, get trim, or bulk up with muscle.  It all depends on how you use them.  Our certified personal trainers can show you how to get started and design a safe effective program for you.
New Cross Fit-Style and Functional Training Equipment
Body weight exercises like chin ups, push ups, squats and burpees will whip you into shape.  TRX offers variations to challenge you further and tools like Bosu balls add in the challenge of balance and plyometrics.
Ask us how the "little equipment" can rock your workout and blast your fitness to its highest level.
You'll love our classes! From aerobics to Zumba, our incredible instructors create fitness experiences that get you toned, slim, fit and flexible while having fun.  New-our "Intro to ..." classes teach beginners the basics in a safe, fun, non-judgmental way.  You can ask questions and get direct feedback to help you learn proper form for all our different classes.