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When your day off starts with a work emergency, it's hard to feel happy!  But don't let that set the tone for your whole day!  This morning was supposed to be my first Saturday off in about 10 or more years.  (Ok, I have taken Saturdays off during this time, but only to do other things--like a hockey tournament-- and only temporarily.)  Ths was the beginning of my new schedule as someone who DOES NOT WORK SATURDAYS MORNINGS.  I turned my cell phone to Do NOT Disturb last night and when my husband asked, "What time do I set the alarm for?' I said  DON"T SET IT!  I am sleeping in!  You can imagine how stressed out I was when I woke up from my weird dream** to find that no one had showed up to open the yoga studio for the 9 am class and one of the 9 am teachers--the one with the key, of course, was 15 minutes late and most people went home annoyed!!  But luckily I have the support of really nice people, including a lovely client and her husband who were not annoyed, bjust got groceries and then came by to see if everything was ok!  : )  Stuff will happen from time to time and we need to be able to roll with it and not make a cruddy morning into a whole cruddy day!  

** Any dream analysts out there want to try and figure this one out-- I WAS actually cleaining out my dresser drawers last night, but the rest is just random if you ask me.  I dreamed that my mom brought me several packages of chicken and for some reason I stored them in my dresser drawers under my clothes instead of the freezer. I suddenly realized that they had all probably gone bad and to be safe, I had to throw them out.  Part of me felt that I should not waste the meat, because the meat looked and smelled fine, but I knew that I should.  To get to the garbage required ridiing multiple scary fast elevators up in scary high rise towers, and walking along the ditches on my country road with my kids' babysitter from 2005.  Lots of other weird stuff I can't remember.  Well, anywyay, for the record, whenever I sleep in I dream from 7-9 am and usually wake up feeling better than normal days when I have to be up at 7 or so.