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Prevent summer soreness from gardening and other activities with Yoga

Yoga is an enjoyable activity for many people who are seeking an alternative to a regular gym workout or who want to change up their current exercise routine. The benefits of a regular yoga practice are many. One of these benefits includes relief of back pain and discomfort. Yoga increases strength and flexibility for yogis (one who practices yoga). The strength and flexibility poses of yoga can relieve a sore back, especially one that has been strained from summer activities such as gardening. Read on to discover some of the best yoga poses that will relieve back pain and discomfort.


These poses will help the yogi to massage the spine. They will also stretch your back and torso. Cat/cow is a perfect way to keep your back limber and happy. The pose starts in a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Begin this pose by alternate between arching your back and then rounding it while pushing down on the floor with both hands and the tops of your feet.

Spinal Twist

Yoga provides many options for twisting postures. The spinal twist is a basic and effective pose that can help relieve back pain and tension. Start by keeping your left leg straight, and then bend your right leg placing your foot flat. Next, place your right hand carefully on the floor behind you providing support, similar to a tripod. Then twist hooking your left elbow over your right thigh.

Downward Dog

This is one of the most common poses in your yoga practice. Downward dog aims to stretch and lengthen the spine when done correctly. Begin in a tabletop position then slowly raise your hips so that your body is in a position forming an upside down V. Keep your head and neck relaxed and aligned with your arms while drawing in your inner thighs toward the back of the room. Try to spread your shoulder blades apart further to help stretch your upper back even greater. Reach your hips up and back to help open up your lower back. Hold for five to seven steady breaths.

Triangle Pose

As previously mentioned, back pain can be alleviated and sometimes even prevented, with stretching and strengthening. Triangle Pose does both.

Start by standing with your toes pointing forward and your feet about three feet apart parallel to each other. Flatten the foot behind you and with your arms stretched out to the side; begin to tilt at the hip while reaching your right hand toward the ground. Slowly rotate your body to the side. Then reach your left hand upwards toward the sky. Try to keep your shoulders stacked above one another.

If it’s available to you, gaze at your left hand. If this is uncomfortable, keep your head level. Hold this pose for five to seven breaths then switch sides.

The important thing to remember about back pain is that prevention is important to remain pain-free. It’s equally important to listen to your body. Never force any yoga posture as this could cause injury. If your back pain is extreme, it’s important to seek medical advice from your doctor. Practising at a Yoga studio with instructors is beneficial as they can assist in getting your body into the correct pose that is right for you. Furthermore, instructors can provide motivation to stick with Yoga, as well as continuously challenge you with new moves or taking your yoga pose up a notch.

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