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Learning to Love
What You Hate

We all have those things: the tasks you really truly do not want to do. You know the ones. It's much more tempting to spend an entire day binge watching a TV show than completing these tasks. While on the other hand, you always find yourself thinking there are some people who seem to just do them, they don’t whine or complain - they just do.

There are ways you can train yourself, and your mind, to think about things differently; to not hate the tasks you need to complete but rather just see them as part of your day and eventually you will learn to love those things too. Changing how you think about something can be the single biggest factor to improving your feelings towards the things you hate.

Change your thoughts, change your world

If you have always hated something such as the commute into work, it might be tough to think you could ever really change how you feel about it. But what if you just tried to think about it differently. If you have a long train ride into work every morning or a long drive, you can use this time to improve your life. Take the time to read or listen to an audio book on your commute and you might find that you start thinking about your commute differently.

If you can spend that hour or so, every day in just your own little world then you might find you’re becoming more at peace with yourself which means you won’t think of that commute in terms of the hour you have to spend getting to work but rather you can see it as the time you have with just your thoughts and as time to decompress after a tough day.

Decide not to hate anything

You know exercise is good for you but it seems as though it’s not exercise unless it hurts, is unpleasant and your muscles are sore for days afterwards. That doesn’t have to be the case: there’s so many different forms of exercise that you can find something to suit your ability and lifestyle. Figure out what you enjoy doing, perhaps why you have avoided it for so long. Maybe you were told at a young age that women shouldn’t sweat – challenge that assumption!

Decide that you don’t hate exercise and that it’s ok for women to sweat. Perhaps running isn’t for you, but maybe yoga, dance or martial arts is. By not hating exercise, and finding a version of it that you enjoy, you can change how you feel about exercise and therefore remove the hate attached to it. Decide you don’t hate it and that you’re going to find the right way to do it for you.

See the positive in everything

Sometimes if we can see how completing a task will bring positivity to our life we will be more likely to do it and enjoy it. Many people hate making the bed. It’s really only five minutes in the morning, but it can seem like a horrible chore that you just don’t want to do. Some research has suggested though, that this simple task is one people who are most successful in life do daily. Tell yourself: it is just five minutes, you can do anything for five minutes, and when those minutes are up you will have a freshly made bed and your bedroom looks instantly tidier than it did before.

This way of thinking – seeing how small tasks change your life in a big way – will spill over into other areas of your life. If you are time driven, which most of us are, break down the things you know you need to do but just don’t want to into blocks of time. Dishes? 30 minutes. Laundry? Change over the load every hour or so. If you know what it will take you to complete a task, it will feel easier to do – just tackle one 30 minute task at a time!

Don't stress it

Learning to enjoy, or even love, what you have hated for so long isn’t easy, and it’s going to take some time. Take that time – figure out how you can enjoy these things in your life. Like, for example, how a bed that has been made will add significantly to your life, or how just finding the right form of exercise can change your whole perspective on it. Tackle these things, but do it one thing at a time. Feeling like you have to love all of the things you don’t enjoy right now can be very overwhelming. Take time, breathe, and take it one day at a time.

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