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Love will keep us together. You can't buy love and Love makes the world go round. How do we get some of this love? The answer will surprise you.

Often, society leads us to believe that loving ourselves will bring us fulfillment. You'd be surprised how disregarding your own self and putting others first through love can bring a bigger, better, and longer lasting contentment than self-preservation ever could. Your yoga practice will help you open your mind, leading to self-love that can, in turn, bring you to a place that will have you instrumental in bringing others love and happiness.

Be kind

What does being kind look like to you? Small things such as holding a door open can brighten someone’s day. Taking the high road will not only leave a great impression but will save you and your loved ones from the negative feelings that often come from "having to be right." Being kind is not a personality trait, it is a practice that doesn't always come easily. Again, it often requires putting others before ourselves. It costs us nothing to be kind.

Be honest

Take your mother's advice. Honesty is always the best policy. Selective erudition will not only put you in a negative space but will surely come back to haunt you. Be mindful of your words and try harder when it comes to honesty. Being honest with ourselves is a great place to start. Being honest in with ourselves, and in our relationships will bring us integrity. This will, in turn, build character and self-worth. We see that happiness comes, not from fulfilling our own wants and desires but from considering others. Are you being honest with your feelings, your words, and your actions?


In 2010, Bill Gates announced that he would give away 95 percent of his wealth during his lifetime. This has become his full-time job since retiring from Microsoft. He then formed the giving pledge and began to ask his fellow billionaires to relinquish a minimum of 50 percent of their wealth either during their lifetime or at the time of their death.  More than 120 have joined the pledge. Even though not all of us are billionairs, often what we have to offer is more than enough. Your world will thank you. If you are able, find ways to give financially.  Sharing what we have will surely bring benefit to others.


What are your gifts? You were put on this earth to share your gifts with others. It's what builds relationships, assists others in their journey, and builds self-worth. Like any great cause, you will often receive more than your give. We all have gifts. Find them and use them for good. Some of the greatest job experiences you can have on a resume are volunteer work. If we don't require a paycheck, we can all finally fulfill our dreams of doing what we love. The fact of the matter is, we're not all working in our dream job. Let volunteering fulfill this passion. Your volunteer endeavors may just make it easier to go to work each day.

Being honest, kind, and giving are all endeavors that will help others. In the end, all of these will leave you happy. Sometimes the best things we can do to make ourselves happy, don't involve us at all. Missionaries are statistically some of the happiest people in the world. They know that the principals involved in finding contentment and happiness, don't lie in the often full-time job or concentrating on ourselves.

Our busy lives often make us forget about the little things that make a difference in our lives and this world. Our yoga facility will help you relax your body and mind. It will help you focus on your self-worth and your happiness. Contact Heron Creek Yoga for more information on our classes and to book an appointment with our team of experts today.