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Setting goals is a thought process that begins with serious consideration regarding what you actually want to achieve. Goals are successful after a lot of hard work is put into achieving them. But don’t lose faith! Setting goals – and achieving them – can be made a little bit easier by keeping the following tips in mind.

Set Motivating Goals

Make sure your goals truly align with your morals, health and heart's desire. You need to set goals that motivate you, that are important to you and that you will find value by achieving. The chances of achieving your goal increase if you show great interest in the outcome. Setting a goal that is a high priority in your life will leave you feeling focused enough to put in the work required to accomplish it. When setting goals, ask yourself why that goal is valuable and important to you. The answer to this statement can be used as motivation if you start to lose confidence in your ability to achieve your goal.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Specific goals are clearly defined and eliminate room for vagueness and generalization. Making your goals measurable includes using a measurement tool such as a specific date, dollar amount, etc. to evaluate the success of your goal so that you know when you have achieved it. Attainable goals are setting goals that are actually possible to achieve, without being too easy, either. Making sure your goal is relevant to your life or career is necessary to develop the focus needed to do what you aspire. Finally, time-bound goals must have a deadline so that you know when you can celebrate success.

Set Goals in Writing

Remember the satisfaction of crossing off items on a to-do list? Apply that same philosophy when setting your goals and write them down! When goals are written down, they instantly become more real and tangible. Be sure to frame your goal statement(s) positively and use power statements when composing them such as “I will” rather than “I hope.” Next, write an action plan that includes the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Stick with Your Goals

Nobody said achieving your goals would be easy. Remember, success is the ability to continue in the face of obstacles. You must work hard at remaining motivated towards your goal, even if there are momentarily gratifying temptations to stop you from achieving them.  Even though there will undoubtedly be some obstacles, challenges or temptations along the way, remain focused and work hard to achieve your goals. You will not only learn valuable lessons along the way, but you will reap the satisfaction of knowing you achieved what you set out to do. 

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