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If you take a poke around Heron Creek's Facebook page, you’ll see a few of our posts, and some messages from our clients, that include the hashtag #STTP. That acronym stands for “stick to the plan”, and it was the creation of one of our past and most successful clients. We use that hashtag as a motivator for our clients and ourselves, and it’s especially handy at this time of the year when some people start to lose focus on their January resolutions of achieving better health and fitness.

Mike’s Weight Loss Journey


Dawn Sarabura met Mike back in May 2015. When he arrived at Heron Creek Yoga, Mike close to 500 lbs. Mike’s weight was such a problem that he was not physically capable to walk short distances. We weren’t even able to weigh Mike on a regular scale because he was too heavy; a grain scale was used to provide a reading of Mike’s mass.

So just how did Mike end up in that state of poor health? For starters, his diet was a key contributor to his weight. Mike consumed a copious amount of carbonated drinks, and routinely ate fast food. He told us that he would spend about $30 a day on meals from fast food outlets; which isn’t a great choice for anyone’s body or bank account.

On top of that troublesome diet, Mike didn’t put in any routine exercise time and found that physical activities would leave him feeling drained very quickly. He could barely manage to get in five minutes on an exercise bike without feeling drained of all energy.

Mike’s lifestyle was leading him to some dangerous places, and it was impacting his ability to enjoy life in the present. He told us that he often missed out on doing fun things because he couldn’t handle the physical exertion of walking and because he was too large to fit into the standard seats at movie theatres and sports venues.

Mike's Health and Nutrition Turnaround


When Mike began working with Dawn, he made some drastic changes to his diet. He immediately gave up those sugary carbonated beverages and began a regimen of two shakes and one meal (at dinnertime) each day. He also ramped up his exercise routine, lifting weights and doing cardio just about every day.

To help monitor his work and his progress, Mike started using a Fitbit fitness tracker. He routinely racked up 10,000 steps each day. Mike also took on more of his own meal preparation duties and now makes his own healthy meals and snacks.

When he started with us last year, Mike’s goal was to weigh 360 lbs. by his birthday in February 2016. On that day, he weighed in at under 350 lbs!

Quick Tips to Stay Committed

  • Write down your commitment and refer back to it any time you feel like you’re losing focus.
  • Follow Mike’s example and create posts on social media with the #STTP hashtag. Being able to see and record your progress over time is a great motivator.
  • Keep the positives top of mind. If you feel down about what you might have to give up as part of a lifestyle change, try to focus on all that you’re gaining: improved health, more confidence, and increased energy.

When it comes to weight loss and health goals, support and community can play a huge role. Heron Creek Yoga is a yoga studio in Ancaster where you can find helpful instructors, coaching, and diverse participants who can keep you motivated on your journey to improved health.