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Eat less, move more.

So simple and yet so terribly hard to do. In our society of abundance, eating right and staying active can be a battle.

Putting the chips down and getting off the couch is easier said than done. But a good start is half the work. So what does a good start look like?

Write It Down writing-in-the-park

Whatever you eat, write it down. Even if you don't know the calorie count, you should account for whatever it is you're putting in your mouth. It's called mindful eating. This has shown to be among the most popular habits of people who have taken the weight off and kept it off. Keep a journal or a place in your phone to store your daily food log. There's an app for that. In fact, there are many.

Keep Workout Time Sacred

Whether you've decided to commit half an hour, three times a week to moving your body, or to workout every day for over an hour, keep that time sacred. In order to find time to workout, you need to make that time. This may mean letting something else go. If discipline isn't your thing, play games with yourself. If you don't allow yourself to shower each day before you get your sweat on, you'll be more likely to hit the mat.

Portion Control

Educate yourself about portion sizes. You'd be surprised how much steak is in a serving. For many, simply eating too much food at any given setting is their biggest downfall when trying to lose and maintain weight. For some, a healthy diet and good meal choices isn't an issue. How much they eat can be. If you simply reserve half of your plate for vegetables, you will be saving many calories.

Don't Drink Calories no-alcohol

If you are feeling deprived throughout your endeavor to lose a few inches, it may be because you aren't eating enough. If you are drinking your calories, that's less food you're able to consume and still lose weight. Water, black coffee, and tea are the only beverages that should be touching your lips while battling the bulge. While some prefer nutritional shakes, keep in mind that these are often high in calories and that while good for you, won't likely help you to lose those extra inches.

Don't Go To Extremes

Eliminating whole food groups is an example of going to extremes. Aside from allergies, there is little reason to deprive yourself of any food. Remember, weight loss occurs because you are creating a deficit in calories. Your body doesn't so much care what that calorie looks like. So enjoy your cake. Have a glass of wine. Account for it, and remember that everything you put into your body should be done in moderation.

Obesity is expected to surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in Canada. Obesity and all the health implications it brings is putting a burden of nearly $4 billion on the Canadian economy. Losing a few inches this season can be as elementary as practicing mindful eating. This includes making healthier meal choices. Arming yourself with the tools that make this process manageable can make or break your weight loss goals.

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