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Yoga Teacher Training at Heron Creek Yoga

Hello, I would like to introduce myself for those I have not yet met. I am the founder and primary teacher of the Anjeli Yoga Teaching Academy and I am excited that you are either signed up already for the Heron Creek YTT this fall or considering joining us on this journey. 

Anjeli Yoga's 200 Hour, Yoga Alliance Certified, Teacher Training program is a comprehensive, life affirming program that will take you on a journey to live more consciously, find your authentic voice, deepen your practice and transform your body, mind and heart. Rooted in the fundamentals of the practice, our philosophy will offer you the challenge of letting go of the life that has been created for you to step into the current of the life that has been waiting to come into your consciousness. As you deepen your awareness and your practice, this course will empower you to teach with skillfulness to the heart of your students. Upon completing this program, you will have acquired the ability to sequence complex and intelligent multilevel classes with authentic theming and a therapeutic focus during challenging classes. This program runs for 7 weekends over 7 months with classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (9-5 with working lunches each of the 3 days including Fridays) on our scheduled weekends. In addition, there will be an additional Sunday (9:00-3 and/or an opportunity to attend some workshops) with the date tbd. Each day of the first 4 months will comprise of 2 practices with level 2-3 apex poses as you explore your own practice and break down the alignment and accessibility of poses (modifications will be provided for ALL levels). With the support of Kula (community of the heart), you will be championed to reveal your most creative, loving, authentic nature as this is reflected back to you and through you with the Kula and through your practice. We look forward to guiding you on this life changing, evolutionary journey.

Our program does require Mandatory attendance and participation as the program is very experiential and each day builds upon the previous day. We do, however, recognize that life (work, illness, family needs etc) happens and we will do whatever we can to support your success. If you are not able to make some dates please let your facilitators know ahead of time. (You may be responsible to make up missed classes which will result in additional assignments and/or private classes for a fee of $75 per hour (minumum 2 hour sessions) upon the discretion of the facilitators). We recommend that you connect with me asap if you know of dates that will be missed and, as much as possible, free your schedules for the dates. 

Throughout the program, there will be assistants to support you and help you work through any injuries or limitations. This is a multilevel program and everyone will have different physical abilities in their practices and we embrace the diversity that you will all bring to the program. If you feel you have a calling to do this program, you will be welcomed regardless of your years or level of practice.

 We will set up a facebook page called Heron Creek YTT. We recognize that not everyone is on facebook or wishes to be. For the duration of this program, we ask that you join our page as it is a quick and easy way to share information and be able to scan previous messages (unlike emails where the messages may get buried or deleted). We administer the page, it is by invitation only and you do not have to participate in any other part of facebook. If you need support to set this up please let me know. Please "friend" Diana Lockett on Facebook and you will be added to the group once you register.

Finally, I am enclosing our reading list to give you a head start in your reading. All the books are available either at Indigo or via Amazon. All are affordable. I would ask that you read the Mastery of Love prior to beginning our YTT. The other books will be assigned as we move along the program. 

Click below to download our:

Course Registration Application

Course Reading Requirements

In gratitude


Diana Lockett

Anjeli Yoga Teacher Training